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About Us


Our Company was founded on April 1978. We are seventy percent (70%) Filipino owned while the thirty percent (30%) by our foreign partners.

In our over 30 years of experience in the manning of various types of vessels engaged in iworldwide trade, we have trained, developed and continually employ outstanding loyal Filipino seafarers on board specialized types of vessels such as tankers, bulk carriers and container ships.

Our joint venture partners are Associated Maritime Company (HongKong), Ltd. (AMCL) wholly owned subsidiary of China Merchant Shipping. The slogan of AMCL is “Safety is always top priority”. This emphasizes that AMCL is seriously committed to shipboard safety in order to protect life, the environment and property. ALLOMA and AMCL are proud of manning VLCCs with loyal and qualified senior officers and ratings. The company also has a program of developing a stream of well-trained officers through its cadetship program.

We also provide qualified Filipino seafarers to Orient Overseas Container Lines, Ltd. and Thome Ship Management, Pte Ltd. ship owners of bulk carriers.



As one of the leading and respected manning agencies of the country, All Oceans Maritime Agency Inc. aims to promote world class service to principals by providing the highest quality of competent Filipino seafarers, properly documented, and deployed onboard international seagoing vessels. ALLOMA commits to comply with the all local and international standards by continuous improvement of our quality management system.



Our vision is to be the leading maritime agency in the country in providing successful and fulfilling career for Filipino seafarers.


Our mission is to deploy competent Filipino merchant marine officers and ratings, who are strengthened by the culture of family-ties among the members of its fleet.


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